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Last update, this page: 7/9/17
The memorial was quite successful. We are told someone counted 40 boats attended, many of which were full to capacity. Bob's family was in attendance as well. Diana Spiece was the officiant of the service. The gentleman who played the penny whistle was John McIntosh who was here visiting another lake resident for the holiday. Randy Spiece, Ken McDonald, and Ed Hodgins installed the lighthouse. Several rocks were brought out by many residents to be placed in memory of their loved ones. There have been several more brought out since as well, with plans for more to come. Ron Schuch brought the Swamp White Oak up this past Saturday and this has now been planted as well.   Thanks to Patti McDonald for writing up this information.
This page is for the unique happening of July 4th, 2017.  On the island, a 6' lighthouse was erected as a memorial to Bob Berger, and all of the lake people before him that have passed.  Besides the building of the lighthouse, memorial rocks were to be placed on the island to help with its preservation.   Patti McDonald wrote up the event for us.

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