West Londo Lake Association

Dedicated to the betterment of the West Londo Lake Area

West Londo Lake Association Meeting 04/19/2020

Conference Call

In attendence:

Lori Holland

Chris Richards

Patti McDonald

Debra Hodgins

Hello Everyone, hope all is well and everyone is staying safe. We have a pair of Loons that have returned to the Lake.

As you know we have been working on getting an email address from all of the Lake Association members so we can send out Newsletters in form of an email instead of paying for printing supplies and postage. This will be our way of communication for now on. If you have a friend or relative that lives on the lake or has a cottage on the lake and does not have an email address, please share this information with them. Information will also be put up on the Community Webpage.

Paul Ganocy is our new Webmaster and has been working hard to make sure everything is working and upto date. If you have any questions or comments that you would like to put on the Webpage you can email him at bdchad00@yahoo.com

West Londo Lake Association Meeting 05/29/2021

The meeting was called to order at 10am

The Pledge Of Allegiance was said

Present Board Members:  Paul Ganocy, Debra Hodgins, Ken Cumming, Butch Fournier, Ed Hodgins, George Kosnak, Doug Lange, Jerry Shuck, Buster McDonald

Minutes from the last meeting was read by Debra Hodgins.

Treasurer's report was read by Paul Ganocy


The new signs are done and waiting to be put up.

Please make sure we have everyone's email that is the way we communicate now.

Dues are now due and are $10 per voting member.

Please read and follow all the boaters safety rules.


Patti McDonald has resigned after 10 years of service.  Thank you Patti for keeping us afloat and for everything you have done.

PLM needs to take a systemic approach to attack the weeds on the lake.  Joe Grekca talked to the members in regards to this and the cost.  It will cost approximately $25,000 and he believes we have the money to take the action needed.

This is election year, please consider stepping up and volunteering.

The Hoe Down is scheduled for Sept. 18th at the Hodgins.  We are planning a golf cart parade- or anything that rolls around the lake ��.  We had a great time doing this last year and seeing our neighbors.  A Corn Hole Tournament, White Elephant Sale and a dish to pass is also being planned.

Al Pretty was the 50/50 winner of $75 plus the West Londo Lake Bird Book that was donated by Randy Holton.  Randy and his wife have a Cabin on the Lake and shot all the pictures of the Birds.  Thank you Randy

Meeting was adjourned and the next meeting is July 3rd at 10am at the Hodgins.