West Londo Lake Association

Dedicated to the betterment of the West Londo Lake Area

2016 Minutes    last update, this page, 9/13/16

The Meeting of the West Londo Lake Property Owners Association was held on July 2, 2016.


It was called to order by President Jerry Shuk at 10:05AM. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Board members present were: Jerry Shuk, Chris Richards, Donna Gretka, Patti McDonald,  Al Longyear, Bob 

Berber, Doug Lang, Al Scheans, Butch Fournier, and George Kosnak.

The minutes were read by Donna Gretka and approved.


Treasurers’ report was read by Patti McDonald and approved.
Association balance is now: $4,900.22.                                                                


We started the meeting asking for volunteers to take over all 4 offices and 1 trustee job.  Buster McDonald 

became the new trustee for Plainfield road.  The 4 officers will remain the same through next year.  .We did get 

a new member, Louis Escamilla, who offered to help us technically and perhaps add us to face book.   

We voted to renew our website for another 3 years.  It costs us $500.00 but it also includes the mobile site.  If 

anyone has input for the webpage, please contact Gary Benning at garyb36350@yahoo.com.  


Ron Schuch will have his 3rd annual boat poker run on July 16.  We agreed to donate our 50/50 raffle money to 

help the waterfowlers for wounded warriors.  


Katy Hales will lead our lighted boat parade again this year.  Sat. 2nd & Sun. 3rd around 10:00 PM by the main 

boat launch.  Please join in or just watch and enjoy.


The DNR conducted a survey on our lake on June 7 – 11 of our fish. (pike, bass, rock bass)  We  

should be able to get a copy of their report.  One of our neighbors said he had caught an 11 inch perch.  

 Good size.


Our next meeting will be at Bob Berger’s garage at 8916 Burnside on September 3 rd.

Our 50/50 winner was Bruce Winiarski.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 AM   


Respectfully submitted:  Donna Gretka, Secretary


P.S.  A white and blue speed boat towing 2 tubers and a white bottom jet ski tag 0258RE both came within 3ft.

 of the Loon family.  They are a protected bird, so please be cautious.

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