West Londo Lake Association

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West Londo Lake Property Owners Association  
                            August 29, 2013

The Meeting was called to order by President Jerry Shuk at 10:05 AM.

 The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Board members present were:  Donna Gretka, Patti McDonald, Chris Richards,

Mike MacKenzie, Bob Berger, Walt Wojewoda, Doug Lange, Butch Fournier,
George Kosnak, and Ken Cumming.

Minutes were read by Donna Gretka and approved.

Treasurers’ report was read by Patti McDonald and approved.
Association Balance is now: $4,888.30.


The work on the island has been completed and paid in full.  They did a good job.  We are under a grant agreement to maintain the island thru 2018.  We need a copy of the grant, so Ken Cumming will try to get a copy from the Township.


We voted on renewing the three year contract for the lake web site and to add the option for cell phone access.  Gary Benning is doing a great job, but Ken Cumming suggested we need at least one other person to backup Gary.  Need a volunteer ?


Diana Spiece asked if we ever have occasion for a quorum vote at a subsequent meeting, could a member post an absentee vote, on line or written?  Buster McDonald said we would have to make a change in our by-laws.


We have many complaints about the weed control.  Savins contract ends in 2014 so we will be getting several bids from other weed companies to see if we can find someone better.  If muck is problem in your lake front, you can check on line for muck eater products, or check Pond Guys.


We discussed the boat parade and whether or not to stop the day parade because of a lack of interest ?  We agreed to discontinue the day parade and to continue the night parade.


Mr. O’Brian suggested restocking the lake with more fish, Diana Spiece said she would check into it.


Jim McArthur claims he is missing several tables and chairs he loaned from the association.  If you have them PLEASE RETURN THEM.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:50 AM

Respectfully submitted;

Donna Gretka

West Londo Lake Property Owners Association
                                                           Summer Meeting June 29, 2013
The meeting was called to order by Vice President Jerry Shuk at 10:10am.
The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
Board members present were: Jerry Shuk, Mike MacKenzie, Bob Berger, Walt
Wojewoda, Douge Lange, Butch Fournier, George Kosnak and Donna Gretka
The minutes for the May 25th meeting were read and approved.  The treasurers
balance was read by Jerry Shuk.  As of June 29, we have a total of $8,778.14.
As Jim MacArthur and Barb Scheans are both stepping down from their positions.
the first order of business is to find replacements.  The presidents position will be
filled by Jerry Shuk.  He was our vice president.  Chris  Richards will become our
vice president.  Patti McDonald will become our treasurer.  They will take effect
immediately.  We voted to give both Jim and Barb a $100.00 thank you gift for all their hard work.
Jim Goodrow explained his plan and costs for repairing the island and the Loon habitat.  
Because of previous complaints, we took a ballot vote for this expenditure.  The results
were 43 yes and 13 no.  We are under a grant agreement to maintain the island thru 2018.
The 4th of July day parade will be held on Saturday the 6th at 3:00 p.m.  The lighted
evening parade will start Thursday the 4th approximately 10:00p.m. and every evening
thru the week-end.  Everyone does such a great job, it's fun, exciting, and beautiful to watch.
Meeting was adjourned at 11:00
Respectfully submitted,
Donna Gretka
                                                                                       Spring Meeting May 25, 2013
The meeting was called to order by President Jim MacArthur at 10:00AM
The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
Board members present were: Jim MacArthur, Jerry Shuk, Barbara Scheans, Walt Wojejoda, Doug Lange, Donna Gretka,  Ken Cumming, Mike MacKenzie, Bob Berger, Al Longyear, Butch Fournier and Al Scheans.
The minutes of the September 1 meeting were read and approved.
The treasurers report was read by Barb Scheans and approved.Our association balance is $7,488.14.
Savin Lake Services will post the notices on Monday May 27 and spray the lake on Tuesday May 28.  Their contract is up in 2014 and we would like to have at least 2 more bids.  Ken Cumming is our go to man for the weeds. If you have a
problem or concerns, please contact him at (313) 682-0505 and he will deal with Savin.
Saving the island again has become a topic of debate.  For the short term, Jim Goodrow has made a very nice nesting area for the loons and they have accepted it.  The chicks should be hatching soon.  It has been a couple of years since
the baby's have lived to become adults. (With the eagles, boats, jet skies and even Mother Nature they incur a lot of obstacles.)  Tom Mooney gave the officers a plan for preserving the loon habitat with berms and plantings and rip-rap.
His plan had some good ideas, but cost more than $4,000.00.  Dave Hofmeister asked to amend the by-laws to read any work by or for the association that will cost more than $500.00 must be voted on at the next lake meeting.  Jim Goodrow
is to assess what is needed to fix the island without dredging.  Hopefully we can come up with an acceptable plan.
Other news:  The township has told us that they are not allowed to sell the back lot at the park.  We might get a Port A John for the park.
Our treasurer Barb Scheans would like to find someone to take over as new treasurer.  Any suggestions or volunteers?
Debra Hales has written a book titled Treasures from the Lake - our own Londo Lake.  You can find it at the lake store and at Kathy Janes store in town for $10.00.
Don't forget our web site.  Let Gary Benning know if you have news or events to share. His email is garyb36350@yahoo.com 
or visit the lake website at http//www.westlondolake.org.
Meeting was adjourned at 11:00   
Respectfully submitted,
Donna Gretka

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