West Londo Lake Association

Dedicated to the betterment of the West Londo Lake Area

A special meeting was called on October 19, 2012 at 1:00 PM.
Attendees: Bob Berger, Ken Cumming, Butch Fournier, Donna Gretka, George Kosnak, Doug Lange, Mike MacKenzie, Al Scheans, Barb, Scheans, Jerry Shuk
Special attendee: Jim Goodrow
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss improvements to the island lagoon area for Loon nesting.
Jim Goodrow presented information from Contractor Tom Mooney that would help recreate a safer habitat for nesting, an area where they could be sheltered by grasses or natural cover, and a deeper lagoon where they can escape the eagles and other predators.  (See attached diagram)
        Labor and Materials include:
  • 12 yds. Michigan fieldstone
  • 50' filter fence
  • 6' x 70' mulch blanket
  • 10 yds. soil
  • Seed/mulch for launch site (Seed provided by WLLPOA)
  • Install filter fence per specs.
  • Move fieldstone from launch to island
  • Construct 52' berm
  • Excavate 60' tapered trench 12' deep x 3' wide through the center of the lagoon following the contour of the berm
  • Install mulch blanket and seed landward of berm
  • Place up to 10 yds. soil landward of berm
  • Hand rake launch site and restore to precondition
  • Contractor will tarp materials at launch site for possible winter completion in case of early ice
Work will begin upon approval from MDEQ
Total cost = $4,660.00   ($2,330.00 at onset of project and $2,330.00 upon completion) 
Attendees approved proposal and cost.
Meeting adjourned 2:00 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Donna Gretka
Minutes of  meeting for September 1, 2012
The meeting was called to order by President Jim MacArthur at 10:00AM
The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
Board members present were: Jim MacArthur, Jerry Shuk, Barbara Scheans, Walt Wojejoda, Doug Lange, George Kosnak, Ken Cumming, Mike MacKenzie and Bob Burger.
The first matter of importance was to find a new secretary and Donna Gretka volunteered.
Minutes of the July 7, 2012 meeting were read and approved.
Treasurer's report was read by Barbara Scheans and approved.  Balance as of Sept. 1, 2012  $7,380.12.
Thank you for returning our speaker system.  Now we are missing quite a few of our folding chairs.  Please return.
March or April we will be asked if homeowners want to sign up for Natural Gas hookup and pay $300.00.  That money would be returned if not enough people sign up.
We are asking for suggestions of how to keep the geese away from lake property.  Some thoughts were a life size swan about $30.00, a life size coyote about $60.00.  ?????????
Savin has sprayed the lake only one time, not sure if we will get one more.  It doesn't look bad.
We had talked about a pier at the park.  Not much interest so far.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:30
Respectfully submitted,
Donna Gretka

Minutes of meeting on July 7, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Jim MacArthur at 10:00 AM.
The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
Board members present were: Jim MacArthur, Jerry Shuk, Barbara Scheans, Walt Wojewoda, Doug Lange, George Kosnak, Ken Cumming and Al Scheans.
Minutes of the May 26, 2012 meeting were read and approved.
Treasurer’s Report was read and approved. Balance as of July 7, 2012 is $7199.98.
Jim read a letter of resignation by Barbara Scheans. She is resigning from the position of secretary effective immediately, due to other commitments.
Jim said if no one comes forward to take the secretary position there can be no meeting as there will be no one to record it.
The speaker system is missing. If you have it please return it.
The cash mob at the Londo Lake Store was a success. There may be another one later in the season.
Jim Goodrow said the eagles had visited the loon nesting site and then the second laying of eggs was not successful so we have no loon chicks this year. He is trying to figure out how to stabilize the ends of the island so ice does not move the logs. He is working with the USDA to see if we can get a grant.
The perch were delivered on May 30th.
There are still people riding outside the rails on pontoons. This is illegal and very dangerous. If you see someone doing this please tell them about the law and the dangers.
Weed control is working---lake looks good.
Gary Benning said the web site is doing good. He is putting mailing lists and a contact list on the site of those who are interested.
The boat parade is today at 3 PM. The lighted boat parade is tonight. Jim Goodrow, Tim and Katy did a great job of putting the lighted parade together.
It does not look like natural gas will be coming to our area. Not enough people are interested.
A matter for discussion: The township is discussing whether to sell the back lot of the park.
The senior assisted living facility will be coming to Hale. Groundbreaking is this fall.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Scheans

Minutes of meeting on May 26, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM by Vice President Jerry Shuk.
The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
Present were: Jerry Shuk, Barbara Scheans, Mike MacKenzie, Bob Berger,
Walt Wojewoda, Doug Lange, Butch Fournier, Al Longyear, George Kosnak, Ken Cumming and Al Scheans.
The by laws were read. Motion was made and seconded to approve the by laws.
The minutes of the Sept. 3, 2011 meeting were read and approved.
The minutes of a special meeting with Savin Lake Services were read and approved.
The treasurer’s report was read and approved.
Jim Goodrow talked about the island. He said Savin has 2 dredges and they could move the sand back into the island at a cost of $6500-$7000. This will be discussed at a later meeting. We need to maintain the island for 15 years---part of that is moving the rocks out to the island.
Diane Spiece said the perch will be delivered on May 30th. The cost is $2000 for 1800 perch. Thanks to Diane for all her hard work.
A flier was put in mailboxes around the lake. This was done by an individual--NOT the association. It is illegal to put things in mailboxes.
Jerry Shuk read some items on use of the lake. No one is to be outside the rail of a pontoon---very large fine if caught and this is very dangerous. Be courteous to fisherman. Jet skies must be off the water one hour before sunset. Again a very hefty fine if caught on the water after this deadline.
Gary Benning talked about the lake web site. He said there is an interactive calendar and if people get activities to him, he will put them on the calendar. He also said that there will be a form to fill out if you would like to have your name, etc. on the site so people can get in contact with you.
Watch out for the loons.
4th of July parade will be held on Sat., July 7th at 3 PM. Meet at the launch site. There will be a night parade with lighted boats on July 4th and again on July 7th.
Gary Benning suggested a “cash mob” for the Londo Lake Store to be on Sunday, May 27 at noon to help business at the store.
Ken Cumming said natural gas may be coming. There is a need to have at least 50 people signed up. Ken will look into this further.
Algae is a problem---being caused by many people using chemical fertilizers.
Muck was discussed. Do not blow leaves into the lake as muck is caused by rotting leaves.
The issue of dredging the lake was addressed. This would be very costly. People who have a problem should contact Savin themselves.
Floating weeds are caused by boat engines cutting the weeds off.
Meeting adjourned at 10:44 AM.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Scheans


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