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This is where various photos of the lake loons will be posted.  Also, comments & stories regarding the loons will be here.


You should be able to copy any photo, simply right click on it, and save it as  jpeg file in your own computer.

Last update, this page: 9/1/19

The picture just above was taken by Randy Hulton on 8/29/19.  I cannot ever remember 6 loons on the lake at once - or all grouped up.  Hopefully, this is the start of something new :)  Thanks, Randy!
I have just learned that sometimes loons, and other birds like grebes, will land on the pavement, or other places, at night because it looks like water.  I never knew that they would be unable to take off from that landing and are susceptible to predators and even starvation.  Apparently, if you find one of these birds, you are supposed to call a certified "rehabilitator" to check out the bird and to get it back in the wild.  Below is a link I have found that will locate one of these people for you in whatever county you are in.  If anyone has actually done this, please let me know how it worked out. (Gary)

Looks like there is one chick for 2017.  Lets hope it makes it to adulthood.
Thanks to Dawn Durivage for supplying these photos.  From the look of the "Low Riders", I assume they were taken in late spring, 2010.  The view is from N. Lakeview Drive