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 Not being an ice fisherman (I can get all the ice I need from my freezer), I really have no idea what is involved in this event (ice fishing).  All I will be doing is posting pictures.  I will have them in separate tabs, by year, as a sub-page of this one.

If ANYONE has more pictures, or would like to write a story about Winterfest (or any other lake event), please send them to me at garyb36350@yahoo.com. I will get them in as fast as I can.

There are some more pictures at https://www.facebook.com/WestLondoLakeAssociation

By the way, any captions that you may see are strictly mine and a product of my imagination.  GB

Here is a view from Jim McArthur's door taken Jan. 3rd, 2015.  As I look at my weather app on my phone today, it is below 0 in Hale.  Wow!
Winterfest is Jan. 16-18.  Here is the link to the site from Hale Yes.
Hale Yes! Winterfest 2015
Photo courtesy of Jim McArthur.

Please click on the tabs to the left for additional content.  Any suggestions, photos (jpeg only), articles you would like in, etc, should be directed to Gary Benning, at garyb36350@yahoo.com.