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                                                                                                                                   Last update, this page:  5/28/19
Now that the natural gas lines are installed for a lot of people around the lake,
I was going to delete the items below.  Thinking it thru - I realized some people
may not have connected yet and will need this information.  Ergo: It's still here.
If you do not have natural gas I strongly recommend it - if for no other reason
than your property values will rise.
Below are the following:
A letter from DTE offering natural gas around West Londo Lake.
An Application for natural gas for your location.  (This is a COPY and not PDF compatible)
After the application is an explanation and a map.
a Letter from DTE about WHERE to mail your application.
Then there are comments from me after attending the meeting.
Right after that is a paragraph from DTE trying to explain the costs.  This includes a link to DTE.

Sorry I couldn't get a PDF in the page.

Copy of letter from Detroit Edison (Gary)

April 4, 2018

Dear Plainfield/Hill Township Resident,

Good news! Natural gas service is coming to your neighborhood this year. By making the switch to clean and affordable natural gas you can begin saving up to 50% on your energy bills.

Why spend another winter paying high energy bills!

Please take a few moments to review the information to find out how you can make the switch to natural gas this year. DTE Energy has partnered with a pipeline contractor to install the natural gas pipeline and our sales associates, Vern, Cheryl, and Dustin will assist the homeowners in your area with completing the application process.

How much can I save?

Natural gas costs significantly less than propane, fuel oil, and electricity, up to 50% less in fact! Please refer to the fuel cost savings information included in your kit for more information.

To calculate how much you can save based on your actual energy use and current fuel costs, visit our website at dteenergy.com/switch2gas or www.dteenergy.com/naturalgasnow. Use our simple fuel cost calculator to determine your savings.

How much does it cost?

The only prepayment required to bring natural gas to your home is a $300 connection fee. This fee covers the cost of the meter and the service line bringing natural gas from the main line to your home.

Once you receive your first DTE Energy bill, two payment options will become available for the cost of extending natural gas to your neighborhood. Please note billing will begin once your service line is installed.  

Option 1:         Easy Payment Plan! You may choose to pay a fixed monthly payment of $28.79* for a period of 10 years on your DTE Energy bill.

Option 2:         A one-time lump sum payment of approximately $2,087 be made, eliminating the monthly surcharge.

* Includes 11.03% interest rate. Balance may be paid off in full anytime and without penalty

How do I sign up?

1.     Complete the Application for Gas Service included in your sign up kit and return it with a check for the $300 connection fee.

Note: Please make checks payable to DTE Energy.

2.     Obtain conversion estimates – Converting your appliances to natural gas involves separate costs. Contact a licensed heating contractor in your area for a conversion estimate.

Natural gas is the smart and economical choice for your energy needs. Should you have any questions, please contact one of our Sales Associates:


Dustin Schutt @ 989.390.0798

Vern Hartman @ 989.878.0695

Cheryl Hartman @ 989.878.0696

We look forward to working with you in bringing natural gas to your area.




David Stanton

Principal Marketing Specialist

DTE Energy



Here is the Application for Natural Gas to your place at 8469 Thomas Dr. If this is something that interests you
please fill out the yellow highlighted boxes to the best of your ability. Make sure to add your drivers license number,
last four of SS, and your signature. Please be sure to mark which appliances you will be using on natural Gas now
or in the future and I can fill in the BTU Load. I will also do the drawing on a separate sheet of paper for you when
I’m back in that area. Distance “A” and “B” is something I will fill in when I do your drawing. Please be sure to let
your neighbors know that if they are in the area it would be best to give me a call and we can meet in person to get
 the application and check.

If you have any other questions please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. If everything looks good
please send this application along with a check made out to DTE Energy for $300 to:

DTE Energy 
Attn: Sean Hartman
4509 Washington St. 
Midland, MI 48642 

Thank you for your time, 

Dustin Schutt

DTE Energy
Sales Coordinator 
                                                                                                                                                          Posted 4/10/18

I attended the meeting at City Hall on the 9th.  It was run by David Stanton, of DTE.
The meeting got a bit of a late start because they kept having to bring in more and more
chairs!!  David went thru all of the pros & cons and had info/sign up packets available for
everyone. A lot of people signed up on the spot.  Hopefully this project is a go. 
One thing that was stressed was that several of the roads were private.  St. Aubin & Thomas
were two of the roads.  There will be people going door to door with a document that they need
property owners on that street to give the OK, and signature, to allow DTE to have the right of
way to install the gas lines.  If just ONE property owner on that street declines to sign it, then
that street will be denied gas for everyone on that street.
  DTE will either terminate the gas line
there, or go around that street.  He did stress that signing the right of way agreement did not
mean that you were signing up for the natural gas.
  It was ONLY to allow DTE the right of way!
 I will post more info as I get it in digital form.                 (underling is mine).  Gary

From DTE dated 4/12/18

There will be questions regarding the cost and benefits of connecting to natural

gas.  Here are some answers supplied by Edison.


 1) Re: appliances: All propane appliances will either need to be converted or

replaced.  You can do it yourself if you have the know-how, or contact a local

heating and plumbing contractor. According to DTE Energy, conversion fees are

dependent on the number of appliances and their ages.

2) To compare the cost of propane, here is what DTE Energy says: In a one to

one comparison, you would need to be currently buying propane at around

$0.60/gallon to equal the cost of Natural Gas.

3) A scenario:  “I have been told that natural gas runs 30% the cost of propane,

and burns hotter.  If this is true, does that mean that someone spending $1000/year on propane would now spend $340, saving $660/year?  Using the figures you sent me, that would make

the installed break even ROI at 6.25 years at current pricing.”

     In some cases, yes, however, the propane market is unregulated by the state

so the propane companies can change their prices with demand.  Some people

are paying as low as $0.79/gallon in some areas of Michigan while others are

paying $2.20/gallon.  Our prices are regulated and consistent with all residential

customers across the state. The best thing to do is go to our website and enter

your specific information to see your savings.


4) Property values:  I would also like to mention that property values should go

up with less money being spent on home heating.  Having Natural Gas is always

a selling point. 


5) Bonus!  You don’t have to have a large propane tank in your yard and never

worry about running out.


6) It is highly recommended that you go to the DTE Energy website for your cost

analysis is: www.dteenergy.com/switch2gas

                                                                                                                                                               posted 3/21/18

Below is the info from the DTE mailer.  I wasn’t able to post

it, but here is the info from it.


The Benefits of DTE Energy Natural Gas

Economical – Natural gas is up to 50% less than

other fuel sources.

Proven Technology – Natural gas has been a safe,

cost-effective technology for lighting, cooking and

heating since the 19th century.

Convenient – Natural gas is there when you need it.

No tanks to fill. No worrying about running out.


Make the smart choice for your home and

your wallet by switching to natural gas.

DTE Energy is working to provide convenient, clean

and affordable natural gas to your community.

To learn more about this opportunity,

watch our presentation:

Plainfield Township Hall

Eagle Pointe Plaza

415 E. Main St., Hale, MI

Monday, April 9 at 6:30 p.m.


If you cannot be there, for more information,

email us at gasexpansion@dteenergy.com

or call us at 800.297.6719

To any interested persons,
You must reach out to DTE either by the email on the brochure, calling the number on the brochure,
or attending the informational meeting to find out further information and to sign up.   
This way you
can talk directly to a expansion consultant and get all of your questions answered and DTE can receive the
 information that they need to proceed with your natural gas needs.

Londo Lakes Neighbors and Friends, 2/7/18

Happy February!  I have some information about the Natural Gas Project, gained through my recent

conversation with David Stanton of DTE.

DTE is planning to start main pipeline in late spring, and plan to have natural gas available to hook 

up to all homes along the pipeline by late summer. The pipeline will be running West on Curtis road 

(from the T at Putman and Curtis road) to and around Londo Lakes. They are planning to run pipeline

down all streets as long as there is interest.

DTE will be sending out a notification letter and applications to everyone around the end of March. 

They have kept all the returned surveys from 2016-2017, the mailing list used for that survey and any

updates they have received. They then plan to hold a informational meeting to answer any questions

anyone may have, with past projects that meeting has been held @ the township hall or local school.

I asked David if the cost per home was the same as they originally estimated ($3500 per home) he 

said the project was out for bid so they do not have a final figure but he believes it could be less. 

 Most everything else remains the same. $300 is due with a application, which covers the cost of a 

meter and pipeline to your home up to 400 feet.  No further funds are due until your home is hooked 

up to natural gas and you receive your first gas bill. On that bill you will be able to elect a payment 

plan for 10 years which can be payed off at any time or to pay in full.

You can get natural gas run to a back building or garage across the street.  DTE will run a branch if 

they know about it in advance. This will require a seperate meter and fee of $300 for up to 400 ft. of 

pipeline to the building, but will not require a additional $3500. Any additional footage over 400 feet 

will be subject to a per foot charge. If this is of interest to you, you should note it on your application.

They will run pipeline in road right of ways and will take care of any necessary surveys and permits.  

DTE uses a 2 crew system to install. One to put in the main pipeline and the second to run to homes.

They bring gas with them, meaning after a designated area of pipeline is completed it is pressure 

tested and inspected, they can then run pipeline to homes of interest in that section and begin 

hooking up homes in that section.(as the main pipeline is completed on your street you may be able 

to hook up to natural gas, not having to wait until the entire project is finished.) DTE can not do a 

final connection to your home as long as you are burning propane.  Please keep this in mind 

when you are evaluating your spring- summer propane needs.  DTE experienced sales associates 

will come to your home to evaluate what needs to be done, where the meter can go and address 

personal concerns you may have before installation. Any piping or alterations needed in the home 

beyond the meter are the homeowners responsibility.

A concern I have is that some people will receive the DTE letter and consider it junk mail without 

opening it, Please give your friends and neighbors the heads up to look for it the end of March.  My 

mailing list is limited to only reaching those that have signed up on my link (About 80 persons from 

both Londo Lakes and the pipeline run) so I am again posting my sign up for updates link below. 

Please feel free to forward this to any new neighbors or friends that may want my updates. My goal 

continues to be to get the correct information to the people so that they can make the best decision 

that is right for their family. I do mail out updates ‘ BCC’ to respect everyone’s email privacy. As I 

receive further information, I will keep you updated.

Thank you for your time, again, if you have questions let me know.


Follow the link or scan the QR code

to be directed to a short survey.

(To sign up for Natural Gas Project Updates)


I have, at Sue's request, removed all the previous info regarding and am starting a new series, starting 2/9/18.   Gary
To:Gary Benning
Feb 9 at 9:10 AM
Good morning Gary,

I wanted to update you on the Natural Gas Project since you handle the Londo Lake Website. DTE is proceding forward with a natural gas project for our lake this year. They plan on sending out information to homeowners this March and the project will start late this spring. 

Could you please remove any old information from the web site and update it ? Please call me if you have any questions.

Thank you
Sue Paavo (gonetohale@yahoo.com

(I,for one, am really glad to hear.  This should drop our utility bills by a ton - especially those of us not heating with wood.  It should also raise property values!)

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