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Maps of West Londo Lake                     
                                                                             Last change, this page  1/19/15
The maps depicted will be cited as to source (whenever possible).  They are for the fisherman in everyone - young and old alike.  Print a copy of one (as large as possible - and after your time on the lake, write down how you did, when and what time of day.  Pass it down to the family    :)
The link directly below is to a Michigan Fisheries Map from 1949.  Click on it, and the map will open up.  This map shows outlines of the lake, plus depths.
Below, I have two "slide shows" of lake maps from different books.  The "82 Lake Maps" book was purchased in East Tawas in the early 90's.  The "Sportsman's Connection" book was purchased some time after that, but I don't know by who or when.  The included cover picture is for the pictures that I took from that particular book.
Like I said above, these are in "Slide Show" format, meaning the image will change every 10 seconds.  Below the large pictures, in the center, you will see:   <--  ||  -->       These are 'buttons' to click on.  The left arrow puts the next picture, left of the image above it, immediately up to view.  Same thing with the right arrow.  The  ||  is a "pause" button.  If you want to look at a particular picture w/o interruption, click on that.

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