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This photo was taken July 3rd, in the evening, east bound on Curtis Rd, west of M-55.  The colors on both ends were so bright that they seemed neon.  One end seemed to be coming out of Londo Lake, while the other end seemed to be coming from somewhere west of M-55, and north oh Hale.  Also, the pines in front seem unnaturally bright -- this is not a photo trick -- that is actually how they looked at the time.  Residents on Sage Lake Rd told me that the rainbow was not visible to them.                                                                                   Gary Benning
Above is the view from Jim McArthur's porch late January, 2014
The Durivag family --Sean, Jeff & Dawn
The results are in for the 2nd Annual Run Like Hale 10k race.  The event, which occurred on July 26th this year, is held to raise money for @LLSTNTMI group -- and to enjoy the scenery!  

West Londo Lake POA members, Jeff and Dawn Durivag, from N. Lakeview Dr., both medaled, with Jeff winning a bronze, and Dawn taking a silver.  Their son, Sean, won the gold in his division, and came in 1st place overall.
For more complete information, or to purchase a T-shirt for the event, click on "More Information..." just below.  You'll go to the sites web page where you can see all of the results by division, plus photos from the event.  You can even upload your own pics if you participated.

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