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Frank Benning's Umpteenth Guys Weekend Fishing Derby
Brandon Sorenson w/ 21" Bass. Caught on Long Lake
For many years, Frank has held his "Fishing Derby", based out of the cottage on West Londo Lake, for the sole purpose of fishing.  

They have fished almost (if not) all of the lakes within a 1 hour drive time of the cottage.  This year is the first year that any pictures have come back because of the size of the fish caught.  

Pictured, to the left, is Brandon Sorenson.  Brandon is a long time participant in the Fishing Derby, and a life long friend of Frank's.  He has been up to the cottage several times, other than for the Derby - especially the 4th of July.

Brandon's bass came in at 21" long.  Unfortunately, the guys did not have a weight scale but is estimated at weighing in at over 6 pounds.  Brandon caught his fish on West Londo Lake, and released it back into the water after the pictures were taken.

Event date was July 25th, 2014.

WinkPictured, above, is Frank Benning and his 20.5" bass.  Frank, like Brandon, is a member of the Bass Masters organization, and said that this is the biggest bass that he has ever caught.  This bass was caught on Long Lake (July 25, 2014).  Again, no weight scale, but is estimated to be over 6 pounds also.  Frank released his bass back into the water. 

On a side note, for many years, Karen Brouwer, an avid fisherwoman, has been visiting West Londo Lake for "Girls Weekend", with Sheryle, and as many as 10 other women at the same time (I ALWAYS stay home for this event).  She has talked for years about the "big one that got away".  She even named it -- "Walter".  I am sure that the bass that Brandon caught was "Walter" (wink - wink), so Karen, you still have a goal to reach when you come back to the lake.  

During the same event, Jimmy Dykes, who describes himself as "not a fisherman", came up for the derby again.  This is Jimmy's 4th year.  Out on West Londo, the "not a fisherman" had his pole laying on the gunwale of the boat, with his bait out of the water, when this 11" rock bass (our lake has ROCK Bass?  It doesn't have rocks!) jumped out of the water and got itself hooked.  Unfortunately, This bass did not go back in the water.  It was dinner.  By the way -- 11.5" qualifies you for the Master Angler award. 

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