West Londo Lake Association

Dedicated to the betterment of the West Londo Lake Area

Below is a plat map of "North" Londo Lake, in Iosco County. It also sows the northen edge of "South" Londo Lake.  I'm not sure how those names were lost.   The map (copy) is of 1927.  Because of it's size, I included photos of different parts of the map to make reading easier.   The pictures are all JPEG, so you can double click to "copy" or "save as".  You can enlarge your own JPEGS.  Not sure if you can do o directly from the site.  Please note:  Salt shakers did not come with the original  :)

Entire Iosco plat of West Londo Lake
Levere Rd
Recorded March, 9, 1927
Bell Street goes to the lake

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