West Londo Lake Association

Dedicated to the betterment of the West Londo Lake Area

If you are going to have a garage sale, email me at garyb36350@yahoo.com with the dates, place and times, and (maybe) what you are selling and I will try to get it posted on the interactive calendar for you.
A new feature -- Dawn has added a Facebook page for West Londo Lake.  Look uo "West Londo Lake Association", then "Like" the page.  You should get a drop down menu that allows you to click on items to follow the page, and get posts to the page.   Thanks Dawn!

West Londo Lake Association Home Page

This was taken on 7/3/14, from Curtis Rd, west of M-65, and looking east.  The front rainbow was so brilliant on the ends that they were like neon.  Friends of mine on Sage Lake reported that they could not see it.
                photo by Gary Benning
New features will be noted in this space.  I will leave it up for about 30 days then, take the notice down.  Look for the word "NEW" in the list of pages.  New now, is "Publications", listing several of the newspapers in the area.  Also new, and is a "Lake Maps" page of our lake, showing depths, bottoms, etc.

The purpose of the West Londo Lake Property Association is: 

To co-operate with, and respect the rights of, all property owners and to help secure improvements.
To aid in maintaining and improving lake conditions by assisting and co-operating with all state and government agencies for the benefit of all.

Last update, this page:       2/15/15