I was browsing around the web and I came upon your web site about Londo Lake.
 My family vacationed there for three weeks every summer from 1946?-1954.We rented a cabin (#3) from Herb Scribner(Scrib's Cabins)These were log cabins and had three rooms,two bedrooms and main room, electricity,two burner gas stoves,ICEBOXS They brought around blocks of ice(cut from the lake) three times a week,a screened in porch facing the lake,(great place for a 10 year old kid to listen to the Tiger night games).No indoor plumbing.Bathing was in the lake.Water came from the central pump.and a wood stove for heat.
.All the cabins were basically the same except for cabin #5 which was a little bigger and had two bunkbeds in one bedroom instead of one The other bedroom (parents) had a double bed.
 Across the driveway and behind the bathrooms(mens on one side,womens on the other,two holes each)was a cow pasture and a large barn.Which of course we were forbidden to play in.Yeah,right!Each cabin had a rowboat,and there was a dock and a swimming raft anchored about 30 feet out from it.A sandy beach ran from about # 3 to # 5 with a firepit for campfires.
 The land was vacant from cabin 6 all the way around the lake to approx.10 o'clock(beach being 6 o'clock)where there were a few houses running south along the lake
 The island did have a shack on it.It was a small old frame shack (8' by 10') with a cement floor,,two windows with shutters,(no glass) a bunkbed,and a potbelly stove.The island was small and mostly swamp which came right up to the shack.My Dad said it was used by ice fishermen in the winter.
Lolly's store was across the  road (west) from the current store.(which I've never seen)Lolly"s last name may have been Smith.That was her grandsons last name.We played with Smitty every year and he said we were  the only ones that were allowed to hike around the lake with him which we did every year
.All the roads were gravel or dirt than.
 I will contact my Brother and see if there are any pix of Londo in my Dads photo album.
 I hope maybe this will fill in some of Londo Lake history.If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I'll try and answer them recognizing that were going back almost 70 years.
                                                           Michael White