West Londo Lake Association

Dedicated to the betterment of the West Londo Lake Area

West Londo Lake Property Owners Association By-Laws, as of 9/3/18





Article 1.                                                         NAME

            The name of the Association shall be: “Property Owners Association of West Londo Lake,                                  Incorporated, Iosco County, Ogemaw County, Michigan.”


Article 2.                                                         PURPOSE

            1. To cooperate with, and respect the rights of all property owner, and to help secure                                           improvements.

            2. To aid on maintaining and improving lake conditions.


            3. By assisting and cooperation with all state and government agencies for the benefit of all.


            4. This shall be a non-profit organization, incorporated pursuant to the provisions of Act 327                              Public Acts of 1931 as amended, and Act 284 Public Acts of 1972 as amended.


Article 3.                                                         MEMBERSHIP/VOTING

            1. Membership in this Association shall be to lake property owners and back lot owners.

                        To include husband, wife, child of - having reached the age of 21, significant other or                                  business owner(s).     


            2. Each individual who pays dues is entitled to 1 vote.


            3. To vote, make a motion or voice an opinion, you must meet membership requirements and                               dues must be paid for the current year.


            4. A majority vote of the members present at a meeting shall be the deciding vote.


Article 4.                                                         DUES

            1. The Association shall be financed by annual dues as set at the annual Saturday Memorial day               weekend meeting.


            2. The Association programs will be aided by special assessments when deemed necessary, and                            decided by a majority vote of the members at the Annual meeting.        


            3. Dues are to be $10 per individual. To be discussed at the annual Memorial meeting.


Article 5.                                                         MEETINGS

            The annual meeting will be held the Saturday of Memorial day weekend. The other meetings                                 will be held the first Saturday of July and the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.









Article 6.                                                         ORDER OF BUSINESS

            1. Call to order by presiding officer

            2. Pledge of Allegiance

            3. Roll call of officers

            4. Reading of minutes of previous meeting

            5. Treasurer's report

            6. Committee reports

            7. Elections of officers

            8. Old and New business

            9. Adjournment


Article 7.                                                         OFFICERS

            1. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary and                                               Treasurer, and nine zone directors who will make up the Board of Directors.


            2. All disbursements by the treasurer must have prior approval by the President, or Vice             

                        President and the signature of the treasure or another officer, as approved by the bank.


            3. Nominations and for officers shall be at the May meeting. Elections will be at the July                          meeting and transition will be at the September meeting.


Article 8.                                                         AMENDMENTS

            1. The bylaws may be amended or altered by a majority vote of members present at the annual                             May meeting.


 Article 9.                                                        AMENDMENTS

            1.The association board will use their discretion in approving any total expenditure that is

                      $500.00 or less. If expenditures for a contract, a particular item or event exceed $500.00,

                      it will require a majority vote at a scheduled WLLPOA meeting.


             2. If a vote is tabled for a future meeting and a paidmember cannot attend, they will have

                      the option to email their vote to a board officer or send a written, signed and dated note

                      indicating their choice.



Last Revised

May 2014

May 2018







Below is a copy of the 2014 bylaws.  (There may be an issue with this.  Seems like the 2011 bylaws)