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A word about gasoline with 10% ethanol.  I have been informed by my boat mechanic that ethanol will eventually (3 - 5 years) ruin an engine.  It collects moisture when it sits for a long time, coats the interior of the fule system and can corrode the rubber in fuel delivery systems. 

I have since been told that the Federal Govt.has approved 15% alcohol in gasoline.  The couple of mechanics that I have spoken to tell me that all internal combustion engines are going to come to a screeching halt in a short time if using this product.

Not being a automotive mechanic, I cannot verify the accuracy of the above statements, other than to say that I now use 100% gasoline in my boat engine.  I do know that regular gas, without ethanol, is about 90 - 91 octane, and engines run with more power.

The above is a personal statement and you should check with your mechanic.   Gary

the Londo Lake Party Store

8585 LaVere Road, Hale, MI  48739                                                              989-unknow

                                                                                                 Last update this page:  2/10/16

[Update (4/12/15):  I have been informed that Arlene is living with her grandson, Eric, in Vassar.  I have been old that she is doing well.]

It is with great sadness that I (think) Arlene's Party Store is closed.  It is definitely up for sale, as indicated above.  It was hard getting information as I got all of my info from Arlene.  I have not heard how she is doing.  I will post that as soon as I find out.  In the meantime, if you are looking to own a party store, check it out!
In the fall of 2013, Bob passed away.  The store is being run by Arlene and her family. 

    36 years on June 15th, 2011.  That is how long that Arlene and Bob Heacock have owned and operated the Londo Lake Party store.  They moved to Hale from Walled Lake, where they were both from.  They now have their 54th Anniverasary coming up. 

      Our first contact with Arlene was immediately after we bought our place in 1991.  Not having cable at that time, and having two bored children in the cottage on a cold winters night, our entertainment option for TV was 2 channels, and sometimes three - none of which came in very well.  My wife, Sheryle, went to the party store to rent a VCR player (yeah, it was THAT long ago) and a tape for the kids.  When she asked Arlene what was needed for a deposit, she was told to not worry about it because  "You're the people that bought the Medved place and I know where that is".  You don't get that down here anywhere.

    Arlene said that her family is now in the area, now that her son has moved back after living in Alaska for 30 years.  There are also 4 grand children and 12 great grand children living nearby.  Often, you'll find grand daughter Gwenda helping out behind the counter at the store, or doing whatever needs to be done.  Besides helping out, Gwenda has her own life, which includes the goal of attaining a degree in Chemistry.  That in itself should keep her really busy.

       For years, there was a dock at the end of the boat launch, across the street from the store.  The years took their toll on it, and amid worries of insurance liability, and the expense of, basically, rebuilding the entire dock, the Heacocks had to stop putting it in the water.  (Too bad, it was a great place to dock and walk up to the store with the kids.  GB).  Besides having the dock in the water for many years, the Store has sponsored the Fishing Derby in January or February, and other events on the lake.  Arlene & Bob also provide space near the front door for trades people to post their services, for people that have something to sell, or for people that have lost something.  Over the years, I have seen people bring found items up to the store and put them by the front door.  They also are a font of information.  Need a handyman? - ask Arlene or Bob.    Need a bale of hay, or a pile of large rocks for free? - ask Arlene or Bob. 

     I have never ceased to be amazed at what products the store stocks.  Cereal, canned soup, shaving razors, car fuses, padlocks, flour, milk, butter, ice cream, frozen foods, mouse traps and bug spray, hose clamps, motor oil and 2 cycle oil, ice scrapers and a ton of odds and ends. 

      Her main products include refilling LP gas cans, kerosene, live bait, some tackle, Michigan hunting & fishing licenses, Keno & lottery tickets, beer, wine, alcohol, ice, cigarettes and gasoline.  Her beer prices are the best in the area.

      A comment on her gas pump.  I could never figure out why her gas was about 30 cents a gallon more than anyone elses until this area.  I had been driving all the way to the Alcona Conoe Livery, almost to Glennie, to buy gasoline, without ethanol, for my boat.  At the Londo Lake Store, I mentioned that to Arlene and she informed me that her gas has ALWAYS been ethanol free.  She also told me that gas w/o ethanol is also about 35 cents a gallon more expensive -wholesale (see my gas comment, left).  Anyway, one of the best kept secrets on the lake is that the Londo Lake Party Store sells ethanol free gasoline.  Arlene and Bob have since put a sign on the pump to let people know.

      Everyone in the area knows Arlene and Bob, and they know you.  Not only that, they keep their ears to the ground and will let you know if there is a problem with your property.  Once, when my young neice's walked their 80+ year old great grandmother 2 miles to the store, Arlene called Sheryle to ask is she should drive Grandma back.  Sheryle got her instead.  The people of the South Side are lucky to have the Heacock's there.


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