West Londo Lake Association

Dedicated to the betterment of the West Londo Lake Area

Why a West Londo Lake P.O.A.?

What we HAVE done as an Association:

1)       In Spring of 2012, West Londo Lake was stocked with perch for fishing

2)       In the ongoing process of preserving what I like to call “Loon Island”

3)       Scheduling events like the July 4th boat parade

4)       Created the night-time July 4th boat parade

5)       Placed “Welcome to West Londo Lake” signs near the approaches to the lake.

6)       Have created awareness regarding the loon habitat. 

7)       Arranged for the delivery of free rocks from Wilson Excavating for use at the Island.

8)       Made the decision to stop the DEQ from placing a public boat launch on the lake.

9)       Arranged for weed control of the lake

10)   Created a website for the Association., with a mobil application

11)   Created a “Cash Mob” at the party store in early July 2012.

12)   Maintains the public “Plainfield Park”

13)   Entered into discussions, this year, with the Township regarding the sale of back lots

         owned by the Township.

14)   Worked with the Sherriff’s Dept. regarding Deputy visits on the lake.


What we are Trying to do as an Association:

1)       Creating a venue where lake issues can be discussed in a rational manner

2)       Creating options for goose control

3)       Manage the muskrat population

4)       Reminding people about boater safety

5)       Suggest/create “time of day” guidelines for recreational boaters and fishermen.

6)       Eliminate the blockage caused by a beaver dam that has lowered the lake level.

7)       Bring natural gas to the West Londo Lake area.


This Association came in to being after several of the property owners built a coffer dam at the pipe that drains water from West Londo in to Londo Lake, by the party store.  At the time, the lake was unregulated.  Someone from Londo Lake complained to the DEQ, who promptly made it a regulated lake.  Since then, a myriad of other issues have arisen and the POA tries to take care of it as it can.


As with any organization, not everyone will agree to anything on any issue (some families are like that – what can I tell you?) but a majority are trying to work to make the lake better.   Some things that are done are very minor, but some of the issues are very important.  Things like weed control, lake levels, public access, or whatever, come and they go, but the Association tries, as it can, to solve whatever problems that it can.



On a personal note, I know there will always be Lake issues between boaters and fishermen.  I, personally, would like to see the lake a minimum of 12” higher.  However, I now know that raising the Lake more than that will wipe out the Island, with the loss of our loons.  That is not acceptable to me.  I know that the fishermen want weed beds for the fishing, but I also know that the invasive species of weeds brought into our Lake will eventually make it a big swamp – with lake front taxes.  The property owners have to, no, must, work together to solve these issues and the Association is a place to do that.  If we did not have the Association, we would have 200+ property owners all complaining to no one in particular about problems – real or perceived.


Gary Benning

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