West Londo Lake Association

Dedicated to the betterment of the West Londo Lake Area

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These are the officers of the Association:


Jerry Shuk,  2839 LaClair Trail, Hale, MI  48739.  989-728-6879.  Cell 989-218-2201. 

Email:  shukster2@gmail.com 

Vice President:

Chris Richards, 8842 Burnside, Hale, MI  48739.  734-493-2842



Donna Gretka, 8889 St. Aubin Drive, Hale, MI  48739.  989-728-0068

E-mail: josephjg@centurylink.net

Patti McDonald, 2637 Lakeview, Hale, MI  48739.  989-728-6561
E-mail: mcdonald.patti@yahoo.com

Board members:

Alvin Scheans  8815 Saint Aubin Dr., Hale, 48739989-728-5209

E-mail: abscheans@centurytel.net

Doug  & Bev Lange  610 N. Lakeview Dr., Hale 48739  989-728-2959 

E-mail: looneybin2007@centurytel.net

Butch Fournier  8953 Saint Aubin Dr., Hale, 48739  989-728-4219   

E-mail: shortcutmar@yahoo.com

George Kosnak  8729  Birch Ln., Hale, 48739  989-728-7593 

E-mail: none


James [ Ken ] Cumming, 2665 Lakeview,  Hale, MI  48739. 


Al & Sandy Longyear,  2879  LeClair  Hale. Mi. 48739 989-728-7009. 

E-mail: san1226@aol.com 


Mike & Carol MacKenzie, 8912 Burnside, Hale, MI 48739. Phone 728-2675.

Email: ctn75218@centurytel.net

Ed & Debbie Hodgins



Weed Control, position open


If you would like your name and/or contact info on this page, please email me

at garyb36350@yahoo.com.



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