West Londo Lake Association

Dedicated to the betterment of the West Londo Lake Area

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These are the officers of the Association:


Paul Ganocy, 8848 Burnside, Hale, MI  48739

E-mail: bdchad00@yahoo.com 586-770-9730

Paul Ganocy, 8848 Burnside, Hale, MI  48739.  

E-mail: bdchad00@yahoo.com

Vice President:

Ed Hodgins, 8892 Burnside, Hale MI 48739

E-mail: derein01@yahoo.com

Secretary: Lisa Ganocy, 8848 Burnside, Hale MI 48739

E-mail: lisatiger@att.net

Treasurer: Dawn Durivage

E-mail: ddurivage@bex.net

Trustee members:

Doug  & Bev Lange  610 N. Lakeview Dr., Hale 48739  989-728-2959 

E-mail: looneybin2007@centurytel.net

Butch Fournier  8953 Saint Aubin Dr., Hale, 48739  989-728-4219   

E-mail: butmarfour@gmail.com

Buster McDonald  2675 Lakeview Dr., Hale, 48739  989-745-5312

E-mail: busterm5540@yahoo.com

Joel Woods  726 N Lakeview, Hale, 48739  989-280-9756 

E-mail: joel.woods@cmsenergy.com


George Kosnak  8729  Birch Ln., Hale, 48739  989-728-7593 


James [ Ken ] Cumming, 2665 Lakeview,  Hale, MI  48739 

Jerry Shuk

E-mail: shukster2@gmail.com

Debbie Hodgins



We have had a few requests from residents about knowing what rules to let their company and renters know to follow. Most are basic common courtesy...

1. Remember not everyone is on vacation at the same time. Please remember to keep noise level down after 11:30pm. The sound travels when on the lake. If celebrating with fireworks this will have given ample time for setting them off.

2. If you have a dog(s) it needs to be contained to your own property. Do not allow your pet to roam free and visit neighbors at will. Also make sure you are cleaning up after your pet if they do roam to the neighboring property. If you walk your pet please take a bag with you to clean up after them.

3. In the early spring when the Loons are nesting stay away from the Island. Once the chicks have hatched and are on the water be mindful of the adults and chicks in the water. Remember that the waterway is their home and we need to respect that and them at all times!

4. There are many rules in regards to boating, jet skis, tubing, fishing. To start with no one should be outside the railing of a moving vessel on the water. This includes pets!! There has been many pets injured/killed in this manner over the years and it can happen with people as well! 
The natural flow of the lake is counter clockwise. In other words you should keep the starboard side (right) of the boat to the shoreline whenever possible.
SPEED LIMITS: Yes they do apply to the waterways!!!  There is a no wake zone that falls within 100ft. of the shoreline,  swimming areas, anchored rafts, or docks. This means operating at a speed in which it minimizes the wake created by your vessel.

5. When towing a skier or tuber, whether in a boat or on a jet ski, there must be at least 1 competent person other than the driver who is facing the person being towed at all times and these vessels must maintain the distance of 100ft from any dock, raft, buoyed, or occupied swimming area except while in a slow no wake speed.

6. Jet skis (PWC) may not legally be operated by anyone under the age of 14 under any circumstances. Any person born after Dec. 31, 1978 must obtain a Boater Safety Certificate in order to be legal to operate a PWC on any Michigan waterway. This is a State Law!!!

7. Sailboats and other non motorized vessels have the right of way on all waterways. Keep a distance of 100ft from these vessels unless in a no wake motion. Owners of the vessel that may cause harm to another by creating a wake or reckless operation will be held responsible for any damages to life or property resulting said wake/swell. Consent of use is automatically implied to any relative and/or invited guest to your property, so no excuses! 

8.All vessels must have 1 US Coast Guard approved Personal floatation devices per passenger on the vessel. Children under the age of 6 are required to wear it at all times!

9. When 2 vessels are approaching each other "head on" they must pass on the port side (left) of each other. This is also the case when passing a vessel going the same direction. Always pass on the left.

A complete listing of these and many other boating rules can be found on the Michigan Lake Stewardship Association website under the heading boater safety rules.