West Londo

    Photo by Randy Hulten
If you are going to have a garage sale, email me at garyb36350@yahoo.com with the dates, place and times, and (maybe) what you are selling and I will try to get it posted on the interactive calendar for you.
A new, interactive, Facebook page has been activated by Sue Paavo.  That one is named "West Londo Lake Community".  Check it out on Facebook.  It is an immediate way to get the word out regarding Lake events or issues!

West Londo Lake Association Home Page

                                                                    Dedicated to the betterment of West Londo Lake.
Photo taken by Laura Schachermeyer, July 2016

New additions!

1) Calendar updates (8/9/19)

2) Calendar changes (8/9/19)

3) Publications page (8/8/19)

4) "Home" page (8/8/19)

5) "My Comments" now "Presidents Comments" (8/4/19)

6) "Arlene's" now "Arlene's Property" (8/4/19)

Reminder the lake association meeting is Aug 31 at Schuch’s garage on Burnside.

The public hearing meeting ref the SAD, tax roll and lake treatment contract will be held Sept 7 at 10am at Townhall.   Please, please try and attend, even if you have to drive up for the day.

If you can’t make it and have any complaints about the lake treatment contact Fred Lewis at the Supervisors office 989-728-2811 or email me lorijeanholland@yahoo.com with your name and address.  Also we will have someone going around for signatures ref who you’d like to see our lake treatment contract with.  There will be a signup sheet at the Aug 31st meeting also.

Thank you - Lori


BURN PERMITS are required for burning anything larger than a bonfire.  Call 866-922-BURN or www.michigan.gov\burnpermit

CABIN BUG SPRAY.  If you want the outside of your place sprayed for bugs and spiders, contact Randy Spiece (810-252-2199) or Patti McDonald (989-254-3715).  Cost is $65.

"Sale Items" will list garage and yard sales, individual items for sale, etc. but you need to send me the info as a Word of Mac document so I can copy and paste it.

Anyone that has an update, please send me the details and I will get it on the site.

Send to garyb36350@yahoo.com


The purpose of the West Londo Lake Property Association is: 

To co-operate with, and respect the rights of, all property owners and to help secure improvements.
To aid in maintaining and improving lake conditions by assisting and co-operating with all state and government agencies for the benefit of all.